An Overview on the bare metal servers!


Unlike the Virtual server, the dedicated server has all the physical resources of machine. However the virtual server uses the portion of their resources to run the virtualisation technology, the dedicated server permits you to benefit from available machine such as storage, RAM and computing power. With the help of cloud computing, we may even define such kind of solution as the “baremetal dedicated server” that highlights the physical availability of machine’s resources, as compared to the standard solutions that are based on the virtual instances.

When it is about getting the top performance from the server hosting, you always have a choice between the traditional dedicated servers and the bare metal machines of next-generation. But how discerning customers should choose between such server solutions?

Aren’t the bare metal servers same as the dedicated servers?

From completely technical perspective, the baremetal dedicated servers and the traditional servers have various common features. Much obviously, both of them come as the physical box, not the virtualised slice of the server resources. However, origination of bare metal moniker is because of lack of virtualisation and lack of hypervisor layer.

As the name suggest, Bare-Metal servers are without virtualization. When you order the Bare-Metal server the customer will get the hardware which they can customize and can install the software as per their requirements. In simple words, the Bare-Metal dedicated servers does not have any virtualization layer in middle and so you are a single tenant of the server having access to entire resources.

Bare Meta Server and hypervisors

The Bare-Metal server use hypervisors which does not require support of the host operating system. The Hypervisors are installed directly on hard drive and they may even create the virtual machines in a distinctive virtualized atmosphere.

Hypervisor is basically a computer software, hardware or firmware which creates and runs the virtual machines. Also, hypervisor has their own drivers of device and interacts with every component directly for I/O, for processing or for any such OS specific jobs. On the hypervisor, every virtual machine has their separate set of guest OS and they also share the memory, hard drive storage and computing power.

While both, bare metal and the traditional servers provide a dedicated solution, the bare metal machines usually tend to be among the flagship products of hosting provider. Also the configurations of Bare metal are well equipped with latest and with greatest hardware of newest generation.